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TOEFL Writing practice #16

Task 1: Integrated Writing

Reading Passage:

Forests play a crucial role in preserving our environment. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps to mitigate the effects of climate change. They also help to regulate the water cycle and prevent soil erosion. In addition, forests provide a habitat for many species of plants and animals. By preserving forests, we can help to ensure the health of our planet for future generations.

However, there are those who argue that preserving forests can harm local communities who rely on the forests for their livelihoods. For example, some forest conservation policies may prohibit local people from using the forest resources they need for food, fuel, and other basic needs. This can create hardship for these communities and may even lead to conflicts with the authorities. It is important, therefore, to find a balance between preserving forests for their environmental benefits and allowing local communities to use the forests in a sustainable way.

Listening Passage:

Professor: Good morning, class. Today we're going to be talking about forest conservation policies. The reading passage you just read argues that preserving forests is important for the environment. But I'm going to cast some doubt on that idea. You see, there are many cases where forest conservation policies have had negative impacts on local communities. Take, for example, the case of the Baka people in Cameroon. These are a group of indigenous people who have lived in the forest for generations. They rely on the forest for food, shelter, and medicine. But when the government established a national park in the area, the Baka were no longer allowed to hunt or gather in the forest. This has had a devastating impact on their way of life. They now face malnutrition and poverty.

So, while it's important to preserve forests for their environmental benefits, we also need to take into account the needs of local communities. It's not enough to simply declare a forest off-limits and expect people to find alternative ways to make a living. We need to work with these communities to develop sustainable ways of using the forest resources that will allow them to continue their way of life without harming the environment.

The question:

Summarize the points made in the lecture and explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

My Answer:

The reading passage discuss about importance of forest conservation for our environment. Such as it can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere hence mitigating climate change effects, it can regulate water cycle and prevent soil erosion. Also forest conservation can maintain origin habitat for many species of animals and plants. For instance it could be wise action for us to keep the healthy of our planet for the future. On the other side, forest conservation policy has negative impacts. One of those is it could harm local community that depends their life so much to the local forest.

According to the professor, she do agree the importance of forest conservation, but she urge the negative impact of this policy. She talk deeper about this negative impact by explaining real example. She said, one of local community in Cameroon that rely their food, shelter and medicine to a local forest are not allow anymore to abusing the forest due the conservation policy. It cause people in the community get mal-nutrition and poverty issues, which are bad.

She encouraging that it must be a solution for this. Local community supposed to not be harmed by the policy, they must continue using the forest fore their own sake. So government must educate and find alternative ways for local community still can abuse the forest's resource and no harm to the environment. So the solution is to find sustainable way to use forest for local communities.

ChatGPT Asessment:

Your response is well-organized and effectively summarizes the main points made in both the reading and listening passages. Your use of specific examples helps to illustrate the conflicting perspectives on forest conservation policies.

Based on the provided rubric, I would rate your answer a 25 out of 30. Here's how I arrived at that score:

Content: 8/10 (You accurately summarized the main points of both passages and provided an example from the listening passage to support your argument. However, you could have gone into more depth on how the professor's points cast doubt on the reading passage's claims.)
Organization: 8/10 (Your response is well-organized and easy to follow. However, you could have used more transitions between ideas to improve the flow.)
Language Use: 9/10 (Your use of language is clear and effective. However, there were a few minor grammatical errors and awkward phrasings.)
Overall, your response demonstrates a good understanding of the material and effectively communicates your ideas. Keep up the good work!


Task 2: Indenpendent Writing

The question:

Some people believe that it is better to exercise alone, while others prefer to exercise with a group. Which do you think is better and why?

My Answer:

For me who regularly do exercise, such afternoon run and jump rope, doing it alone is better than doing it in a group. Some people do jogging in a group, and also have jump rope community, good for them, but not for me. Here are my reasons:

While exercising I am always try to listen for a podcast. So I seeking health not only for my physical shape but also for my knowledge. On average, I am done 30 minutes of exercise, while listening to a 20~25 minutes of podcast. The podcast that I listened to are somehow good knowledge and insight for my life or jobs. It is very often, I got new inspiration after I finish my exercise. This practice can be effective if I do exercise alone, because I can focus to exercise and listen to the podcast. If I am doing it in a group, obviously it must be verbal communication will happen that can distract my focus.

Secondly, It easier for me to maintain my exercise schedule regularly if I am doing it alone. I don't have to be waiting for my friend, I don't have commuting to some meeting point, I am independent. As we know, consistency is one of the most key factor to pursue good health by doing exercise, thus I consider exercise in a group is obstacle for my consistency.

So those are my reasons, in my own habit, I do much prefer doing exercise alone, of course it will not fit for everyone. Exercise in group may give some benefits such as it should be more fun, more socialize, safety reasons, and many of a kind. However, it just not works for me.

ChatGPT Asessment:

Overall, I would rate your response a 26 out of 30. Your writing is clear, organized, and effectively conveys your personal preference for exercising alone, and you provide a specific example to support your argument. Including a more balanced perspective on exercising in a group would further strengthen your response.


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