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TOEFL Writing practice #12

The Question:

Some people believe that technology is making our lives more complicated, while others think that it is making our lives easier. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

My Answer:

I do much prefer say that technology making our live much more easier. Because of this vast movement of technology, our live become faster, more efficient, and more effective than ever.

The main reason why I said so, because nowadays people can communicate each other with no boundaries. There are not limited by time and not limited by geography than it were. For me, I have done several course trough online. This help me a lot, instead of going to the college, I can afford specific type of knowledge by searching it on Internet. Whether it free or paid course, it really helpful. I couldn't imagine how my knowledge become to be if it were not internet at the first place. Not to mention that online meeting now become so common, it reduce a lot of cost to held a meeting like before.

The next reason, I've seen manufacturing technology evolve so great. Mass production since industrial evolution become more cheaper than ever. For example the production of our home living, perhaps 10 to 15 years a go we unable to afford a good quality of kitchen set, but nowadays kitchen set has really good quality and cheap. That because of the development of manufacturing technology.

So I believe that technology making our lives much more easier, some negative effects of course may occurred, but I think that just some minor case.

ChatGPT asessmenet:

I'd be happy to provide feedback on your answer! Based on the TOEFL iBT writing rubric, here's my score and feedback:

Score: 21/30


You clearly state your position in the introduction and provide specific reasons to support your opinion.
Your use of personal examples, such as taking online courses, adds credibility to your argument.
Your organization is clear and easy to follow.
Areas for improvement:

There are several grammar errors throughout your essay, such as "I do much prefer say" and "reduce a lot of cost to held a meeting." These errors can make your writing difficult to understand and could lower your score.
While you provide some reasons to support your argument, you could benefit from more specific and detailed examples to strengthen your points.
Your conclusion is brief and does not effectively summarize your main points or restate your thesis.
Overall, your essay demonstrates a clear position and organization, but would benefit from more attention to grammar and more specific examples to support your points. Keep practicing and good luck on your TOEFL iBT writing exam!

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