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TOEFL Speaking Practice #22

Task 1

The question:

Do you think that technology has improved or worsened our lives?

My Answer:

No doubt about it that technology make our life easier and better. the first thing of course the online habit of ours nowadays we can meet to everyone to everybody all over the world it's make our life easier despite of time in Geographic issue. and the other things about marketing because I am a businessman nowadays marketing is a lot cheaper than ever let's make our campaign effective. so technology make our life easier 

ChatGPT Asessment:

Here is an assessment of your TOEFL iBT speaking practice answer, based on the four rubrics: General Description, Delivery, Language Use, and Topic Development.

General Description:
Overall, you have provided a clear response to the question, and you have presented a clear opinion. You have provided two reasons to support your answer. However, you could have provided more specific examples to support your points. Also, you could have included a conclusion to summarize your answer.

Score: 3

Your delivery is generally good. You have a clear and understandable voice, and you have maintained a consistent pace. However, you could have varied your tone and intonation more to add interest to your answer. Also, there are some instances of filler words ("of course," "let's") that could be eliminated.

Score: 3

Language Use:
Your language use is generally good. You have used appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures. However, there are some instances of errors in grammar and word choice. For example, "the online habit of ours nowadays" should be "our online habits nowadays." Also, "meet to everyone to everybody" should be "meet everyone."

Score: 3

Topic Development:
You have presented two reasons to support your answer, but you could have elaborated more on each point. For example, you could have provided specific examples of how technology has made it easier to meet people from around the world, or how it has made marketing campaigns more effective. Also, you could have addressed the counterargument that technology has worsened our lives, and provided a rebuttal.

Score: 2

Overall, your score would be 11 out of 16. To improve your score, you should focus on providing more specific examples to support your points and elaborating more on each reason. Also, try to eliminate filler words and address counterarguments in your answer.


Task 2

The question:

Should schools teach students how to code?

My Answer:

Yes absolutely every student in the world should learn how to code. first of all because coding is like an a new language in these times because now every application need to code. and the other thing is about calling skill is really demanding demanding on a jobs so whoever can coding has advantages compared to other people. so in my opinion coding is mandatory skills in the future I mean not in the future maybe from now to the Future

ChatGPT Asessment:

Here is the assessment of your answer based on the TOEFL iBT Speaking Rubrics:

General Description: 3

You addressed the prompt by expressing your opinion about whether schools should teach coding to students.
Your response was well-organized and coherent, as you presented two reasons to support your argument.
Delivery: 3

Your delivery was clear and easy to understand, with appropriate pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm.
You used appropriate stress and emphasis to highlight important points.
Language Use: 3

You used a range of vocabulary and expressions to convey your ideas effectively.
Your grammar and syntax were generally accurate, although there were a few minor errors.
Topic Development: 3

You provided two reasons to support your opinion, which showed some development of your ideas.
You could have provided more specific examples or elaborated further on your reasons to strengthen your argument.
Overall, your answer demonstrates good speaking skills and presents a clear and well-organized argument. You scored 3 out of 4 in each rubric, which is a solid performance. Keep practicing and refining your skills, and you will be able to achieve even better results.


Task 3

Listening Passage:

Woman: "So, what do you think of this apartment?"

Man: "It's okay, but I'm really not sure if I want to live in an apartment again."

Woman: "Why not? I thought you liked living in an apartment before."

Man: "Well, I've been thinking about it, and I think I'd rather live in a house this time."

Woman: "Really? Why is that?"

Man: "Well, I just feel like I need more space, you know? And I'd like to have a yard or garden where I can relax or exercise."

Woman: "I can see that. But houses can be really expensive, and there's usually more maintenance involved."

Man: "That's true, but I think it's worth it for the benefits. Plus, I feel like I'd have more control over my living environment in a house."

The question:

Why does the man prefer to live in a house rather than an apartment?

My Answer:

It can be refer from the listening passage that the man now prefer a house than apartment. because even if he used to be like apartment but now he like house better. he said that house has more space and can provide yard or garden that he can relax or exercise on it. and then the woman challenge the man because the house could be expensive for him and the man that's agree the expensiveness but he said it worth it 

ChatGPT Asessment:

Based on the TOEFL iBT speaking rubrics, here's my assessment of your response:

General Description: 3/4

Your response adequately addresses the question and provides a clear answer.
You provide a brief summary of the listening passage to support your answer.
Delivery: 3/4

Your delivery is generally clear and understandable.
There are a few minor errors in pronunciation and grammar, but they do not impede comprehension.
Language Use: 3/4

Your language use is generally effective and appropriate for the task.
There are a few minor errors in grammar and word choice, but they do not impede comprehension.
Topic Development: 3/4

You provide a relevant answer to the question and include some supporting details from the listening passage.
You could have provided more elaboration or examples to fully develop your response.
Overall, your response is solid and demonstrates good understanding of the listening passage. Keep practicing and working on developing your responses further!


Task 4

Reading Passage:

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing the world today, and it is having a profound impact on marine life. The oceans are warming at an alarming rate, which is causing coral reefs to bleach and die. Additionally, ocean acidification is making it difficult for many marine organisms to build their shells, which can have devastating consequences for the entire food chain. Climate change is also causing sea levels to rise, which is causing coastal erosion and flooding in low-lying areas. If action is not taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the impacts of climate change on marine life will only get worse.

Listening Passage:

Professor: Today, we'll be discussing the impact of climate change on marine life. As you read in the passage, coral reefs are particularly vulnerable to warming oceans. They are not able to tolerate even small increases in water temperature and as a result, they bleach and die.

Student: But why is that such a big deal?

Professor: Coral reefs are among the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, and they support a vast array of marine life. When coral reefs die, the organisms that depend on them for food and shelter are also affected. This has significant implications for the entire food chain.

Student: I see. What about ocean acidification? What exactly is that?

Professor: Ocean acidification is the result of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater, it forms carbonic acid, which makes the water more acidic. This makes it difficult for many marine organisms, like mollusks and shellfish, to build their shells. Without these shells, they are vulnerable to predators and cannot survive.

Student: That sounds pretty serious. What else can we expect to see as a result of climate change?

Professor: Sea levels are rising, which is causing coastal erosion and flooding in low-lying areas. This not only affects humans but also has significant implications for marine life that depend on these areas for feeding and breeding. If we don't take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the impacts of climate change on marine life will only get worse.

The question:

Based on the passage and conversation, what are some of the impacts of climate change on marine life?

My Answer:

He's getting far from the reading passage and the listening passage that climate change really impact to marrying life. is it a big deal because due to this climate change Coral reels not tolerable from that and can be bleaching and die it is important because coral reefs is are are one of the most important thing to marry life to get a shelter if they don't have a shelter it will be easier to count by the predator and then causing the food chain change. also the professor mentioned about the sea level rising Verizon of the sea level will be cause Costa erosion and in Florida it's not good for semoranical system. and the last thing the professor urge us this problem should be a solution by reducing gas emission

ChatGPT Asessment:

General Description: 3 - The response provides a general description of the impacts of climate change on marine life, covering some of the main points from both the reading and listening passages. However, the response lacks specific examples or details.

Delivery: 2 - While the response is understandable, it contains several errors in grammar and sentence structure, which can sometimes make the response difficult to follow.

Language Use: 2 - The response demonstrates a basic understanding of English language conventions, but there are several errors in grammar and vocabulary usage that may interfere with understanding.

Topic Development: 2 - The response includes some relevant information about the impacts of climate change on marine life, but it lacks sufficient detail and does not fully develop the topic.

Overall, the response shows some understanding of the main ideas presented in the reading and listening passages, but it lacks the depth and specificity necessary to receive a high score on the TOEFL iBT speaking rubrics. To improve, the response should focus on providing more specific examples and details and work to improve grammar and sentence structure.


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