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Agree or Disagree?

Television advertising directed toward your children (aged two or five) should not be allowed.

First of all, I don't agreed at all to give my children to watch television. Even if the purpose is to just watch an educational cartoon, I just don't want my children fed content by television. Because I can't control the television, I can't choose which content are good for my children or not. Different case on Youtube or another TVOD, me as a parent, can control which content that my children would watch.

In this case, the context of commercial that shown in television that targeted to children. For me it is no problem at all. I am a businessman, and I totally know children are crispy target market. If we could persuade children to persuade their parents to do purchase something, it could be easier for a business to get sales conversion.

So obvious isn't it? every parents hardly deny what their children wants. And the desire of "wants" could come from anywhere. Include the TV commercial ads. But the thing is how we act as a parents.

If we block TV commercial ads from our children, doesn't mean other channel will be closed, doesn't mean our children do not have any wants.

The thing is how the parents can control their children wants, how parents can encounter the good things or bad things, and how parents can neutralize bad wants from their children. For example, if the TV advertising give good desire for our children, let say some toys that stimulate the development of kids education, how come we reject that?

But it remain some other problem, what if the TV commercial shown an advertising that not suitable for our kids? for example, some sex appealing commercial? of course it is not align with the education development at age two to five. But I am sure in the future, this kind of issue will not occurred. Nowadays, as per my I know, when the TV shows are children programs, the ads also related to kids. 

So. for me, TV commercial is not a problem at all to our kids. But how we as a parents react to that issue is the thing.

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Firstly, I strongly believe in not allowing my children to watch television, even if it's just an educational cartoon. As a parent, I want to have control over the content that my children consume, and with television, that's not always possible. However, with platforms like YouTube or TVOD, I can carefully select and monitor the content my children are exposed to.

Regarding commercials on television targeted towards children, I don't have an issue with it. As a businessman, I understand that children are a lucrative target market. If we can persuade them to convince their parents to make a purchase, it can be a highly effective marketing strategy. It's only natural for children to have desires, and these can come from various sources, including TV commercials. The key is for us as parents to be aware of this and to take appropriate action.

Blocking TV commercials isn't a solution to preventing our children from having wants, as they can come from other sources. Instead, we need to focus on how we can control our children's desires, how we can distinguish between good and bad things, and how we can neutralize bad wants. For example, if a TV commercial promotes a toy that can aid in the development of a child's education, why would we reject that?

However, there is still a concern with TV commercials that promote content that isn't suitable for young children, such as commercials with sexual content. This kind of advertising isn't aligned with a child's educational development, especially for those aged two to five. Fortunately, in today's world, TV programs and commercials that are targeted towards children are usually age-appropriate.

In conclusion, I don't think TV commercials are a problem for children, but it's how we as parents react to the issue that matters. It's essential to monitor our children's exposure to various media and to take an active role in guiding their desires and interests.

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