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Bajuyuli baju muslim anak perempuan

Love Letter #3

 dear Abang, Akang, and Debun

 forgive me sometimes I have to gone for 2 days not playing with all of you and not around you, it's not just because I don't love you all but I have to. for example these two days I have like do Focus cam on our house and you with your mom stayed on your grandparents house.

 really it doesn't mean I don't love you all but I really need Focus to do my job especially leave for in the past 6 months my business is on downturn massive enough I need solution. I know it is common happen on businesses and I know the theory of  P/PC  on the book of  habit that said don't only focus on doing technical things but also focus on build the capacity of doing things. I realize that being around you all are increasing my  PC it improved my mood and my happiness before get back to the work.

 I feel ashamed on me Even if I escape from you all in 2 days or more I still not find a solution my business is still on downturn  path.  but this is my path I saw people especially my friends that the job is as an employee they have good quality time with their family and get more money than me, I felt crazy when I think about this.

 so my message is for you please forgive me and please someday you have to read the book of  7th habit for Highly Effective People.

 see you and I really miss you

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