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Speaking Practice #28

another attempts to improve my English speaking skill trough voice to text in Google Keep. Few attempts before, I felt much easier than on the past because now I am reading business book, titled Weology. But unfortunately, I am wrong. Still I found really familiar words that I failed to pronounce.

here some of them...

the word -- return from voice to text.

merit -- married

scion -- science

destined -- its time

wooed -- rude

here the original script that I made from voice to text:

talk to your kids about money

let's protect our children's future by telling the video of saving.

you give too much to our children. we do it out of love, I know but that doesn't mean it's a good thing in a long run. we stop spoon feeding kids at a certain point, right? so why just keep on giving them everything they want all the time?

studies show that most parents would rather talk to their kids about drugs and sex then finance, because those are things that parents actually understand. this is a huge concern. when we give, a kid learn how to receive, the problem is that some lesson get lost in giving, key lessons such as opposition and merit. and let's face it, a milkshake taste a lot better after the hard work out then after a long movie.

sometimes I wonder what happened to the top level. I know a man born into fabulous world and privilege, one of those I'm bringing. he had it all servants luxury anything he wanted. no one ever said no to him because he was this science of power and money, it's time to inherit everything. is it occasion was the best that could be offered, and he walked for many years as a high level 01, with road executive hours. he was rude into the private sector which made him staggering amounts of money to manage this things his way. eventually, when he hit midlife, he divorce his wife of many years and took up with a much younger woman, retired early, and hit the color but, drop it up by his pamper, chance existence.

but the money started to drain away, slowly and the responsibly. he and his new wife spent without a shed of conscience, as he had never denied himself anything. there was a currency crash, and asset please, I'll shut off change that made him have to look at his finance. even he couldn't believe what was going down now is watching this unit, but he didn't know how to stop.

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