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Ronaldo vs Messi

ouch.. very common question in the past 15 years. Have ever been asked this kind of question? me, never. So here I ask my self that question.

Both of them good in football, no doubt.

Messi is more skillful than Ronaldo, no doubt. You must agreed with me.

But Ronaldo...... is so inspiring.. At least with his "siuuu", not only people who love football will yell "siuuu", but people all over the world! kids... grandmas... Olympics' athlete.. chess player (maybe).. and so many more..

This such a "siuuu" is amazing. really classy and manly kind of celebration..

Me my self, when paying with my kids, often to do "siuuu" together! so nice. really feels good.

So right here, I end up the debate Ronaldo vs Messi. Messi is better footballer than Ronaldo, but Ronaldo more inspiring than any other living person by now

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