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Long Road to Stanford

In the last 6 month I've studied to pursuing my study goal, MBA at Stanford.. Really high goal for me, I am from Indonesia, and I am not native in English..

In this past 6 month, I am focused on improving my English skill, especially to ge good TOEFL score..

There are no minimum requirement TOEFL Score for MBA Stanford, but Stanford release common score that MBA students get, it ranged form 106 ~ 120.. wow.. 106 is high enough!

As per I know, in Indonesia, to get full scholarship from government, TOEFL score minimum is 76 for iBT.. but for Stanford, 76 maybe the lowest, or maybe no such a score is student of Stanford GSB MBA.

Several practice I've been done..

Find material for TOEFL..
Listen to TOEFL tips on Youtube
Listen to American reality show, my preferable is Shark Tanks.
and the last is watching Stanford official / or Stanford class that available on Youtube..

Oh my god.. I'm still so far away to get understand what the class is talking about, I on ly get roughly 20% of the material while me watching those videos..

Language is the basic thing before studied abroad, if I unable to resolve this, my dreams should be thrown.

It is day 1 for me to reach my MBA on US, on Stanford..

I will keep learning.. Keep fighting.. Self motivated.. Bismillah

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