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Crisis make us STRONGER

Crisis hit us on vinicious blow, badly.. no doubt about it. A lot of people lost their jobs, a lot of businesses lost their revenue, and many of them closing their business, so sad.

BUT.. in general, viewing as a bird.. 2020~2022 pandemic, which are crisis for all of us, make us stronger.

We, who survive, became stronger then before ever. People who doesn't survive, lost a lot, even their lives, their family. Thanks to god, you and I still can reading this blog, means you are strong, means we are survived.

Not only for individual, this kind of theory also occurred on companies and business. That who can sruvive their companies, i believe their company stronger than before.

I've heard on Stanford podcast, the fact is companies get more GCG then before on Brazil. It could be similar situation on other country, I bet.

For companies, most likely, the factor is losing their revenue during crisis. When cash-in is less, cash-out also supposed to be less then before, but to cut cost is not easy to do. Salary, bank loan, and other fix cost is big issue to cut the value. So you can imagine, how difficult companies to cut their cost to make the business still running, even still profit! that amazing..

Congratulation for all of us, been survive from the crisis pandemic Covid-19

You are STRONG!

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