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How Many Hours / day to Practice TOEFL IBT?

In the past 2 months, I am considering to take TOEFL iBT test, requirement to pursue my dream became MBA from Stanford.

I am really busy for may daily business, daily small learning is the most suitable for me. So I have been Googled for 3-4 hours yesterday. I conclude: 30 minutes / day for me is enough, this is just for learning phase such as learning, listen to podcast, watching videos, etc..

Then I planned to take test simulation every week, I choose every Thursday. It will cost 180 minutes of my time. It still acceptable.

To be note, I am not native in English, I am from Indonesia, which English is not taught since our school (on my time). I plane to take the real test TOEFL on September (3 months away)..

That my calculation..

On the other hands, I've read people only take 14 days to prepare for TOEFL iBT. wow! that fast, really fast! Maybe if you are native in English, 14 days is feasible. Or, if you are from country which English is common, such as South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan. 14 days preparing for TOEFL is possible. Absolutely possible.

But if you are just like me, remember that, great result often comes from small change (learning) that we've done every day. Too many theory and books already wrote this.. so no need to worry..

Keep learning!

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